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urkey has become a member of ITU in the year 1865. The Information and Technologies Authority follows the activities of ITU in accordance with a protocol that it has signed with the Ministry of Transport and Communication, the Radio and Television Supreme Council and the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation. The Plenipotentiary Conference, which is the top-policy making body and the supreme organ of the Union, takes place once in 4 years with the attendances of the member countries of the Union. The Seventeenth Plenipotentiary Conference, which has been hosted by Turkey, took place in Antalya in between November 6th-24th, 2006. 2100 delegates from 166 countries have attended to that Conference where significant resolutions, which are related to the future of the Union, have been taken and where the elections, by which the top management of the Union has been determined, have been made.

The members of the Council, who manage the ITU in accordance with the powers and responsibilities conferred to them in between two ordinary Plenipotentiary Conferences, are elected by the Plenipotentiary Conferences. Turkey has, for the first time, been elected to the Council in the year 2002, which currently consists of 48 members. Turkey, which has been elected as the member of the Council also during the Plenipotentiary Conferences that took place in the year 2006 and 2010, shall be the Vice Chairman of the Council in the year 2011 and shall be the Chairman of the Council in the year 2012.

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