Programme Making and Special Events Applications




The term Programme Making and Special Events applications (PMSE) describes radio applications used  for SAP/SAB, ENG/OB and applications used in meetings, conferences, cultural and education activities,  trade fairs, local entertainment, sport, religious and other public or private events for perceived real-time  presentation of audio/visual information.

The definitions of SAP/SAB  are set out as follows:

SAP:  Services Ancillary to Programme making (SAP) support the activitiescarried out in the making of “programmes”, such as film making, advertisements, corporate videos, concerts, theatre and similar activities not initially meant for broadcasting to general public.


SAB: Services Ancillary to Broadcasting (SAB) support the activities of broadcasting industry carried out in the production of their program material.


The report includes the  spectrum use of PMSE (Program Making and Special Events) applications has been prepared to provide infromation about the use cases of PMSE and to increase the awareness with regard to PMSE applications and this report can be accessed in the following link:

Spectrum Usage of Program Making and Special Event Applications



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